Come celebrate with us! In recognition of our fast-approaching fifth anniversary, Sontes is inviting everyone to participate in a treasure hunt around Rochester. Five Sontes Golden Tickets will be hidden in various locations. Clues to the location of the ticket will be posted on Twitter and Facebook until someone finds the prize and cashes in!

Prizes will range from fine glasses of wine to tasty tapas dishes. The culminating Grand Prize is a doozy, that’s for sure: dinner for two on us, once per year–for life!

Follow us on Twitter (@Sontes) or on Facebook to catch the clues right as they’re posted.

Join in! Get to know Sontes and investigate some of our favorite locations around the city!

Fine print & rules of the game:

Only one Ticket will be hidden per week; first person to find the Ticket and bring it in will win that week’s prize. Only one prize per household, with the exception of the Grand Prize, which can be won by anyone.