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As you may know, we’re celebrating our fifth birthday this Saturday, November 19th. (Can we say again, “Wow! Five years already?”) As part of the celebration, Chef Bryce is preparing a special birthday menu. One of the dishes is a succulent all-natural beef short rib slow cooked in red wine with cipollini onions, local baby carrots, and garlic milled Fairview Farms potatoes. I think we’ll let the dish speak for itself on Saturday, but we want to introduce you to some of the folks who make its unique flavor possible.

It’s not just the baby carrots and the potatoes that are from nearby—the beef short rib is, too! It’s the product of Grass Run Farms, our neighbor just south of the border. The Minnesota border, of course; the business is based out of Dorchester, Iowa. They’re a small but growing operation begun by Ryan and Kristine Jepsen.

the Jepsen Family

The Jepsens own a cattle farm themselves, and also run Grass Run Farms, which is a network of small beef producers from around the Upper Midwest. They’re always accommodating and friendly, and they stand firmly behind their product.

We love the beef from Grass Run Farms for plenty of reasons. Of course, we love it because it’s local. And we love it because it contains no antibiotics or added hormones. And we love it because it’s grass fed, and because they use sustainable land-stewardship practices that keep in mind the many generations to come who may farm on those same acres. And (this is key!) we love it because of the taste.

Grass Run Farms’ cattle are 100% grass fed. They don’t even finish their cattle on corn, which is a pretty common practice. This distinction in the cows’ diets gives their meat a true beef flavor. It’s more robust and less fatty than other beef. These flavors speak to us of the earthy beef dishes of Brazil and Argentina.

Then, when you combine these tastes with other locally grown veggies and some cipollini… Well, we said we’d let the dish speak for itself. We can’t wait to hear what you think! Hope to see all of you on Saturday!