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A funny topic of interest seems to come up in conversation quite a bit in my life lately, and I don’t mean funny in a “ha ha” sort of way, but more in the “ha?” perplexing sort of way. Some people ask me (frequently) why on earth I support the arts so much, and on the flip side, I get a look of gratefulness and relief from others because I do support the arts. What I find so perplexing is the reaction I recieve from each respective party—one stupefied, the other disbelieving relief. What I want to say is, “why not?” And really, how could I not?

In my heart I want to be able to sing, dance, paint, photograph, sculpt, write and act, but the cold hard fact is that I’m terrible at just about all of them. I will never be Ansel Adams, Maya Angelou, Picasso, a ballerina, or a proficient singer or instrumentalist. But the feelings of inspiration, possibilities, hope, and the chance to dream and be something outside of what I do on a daily basis is pretty damn amazing. While I may be able to figure out chemistry problems and contribution margins in my head, I will never be able to pick up a pencil and draw an object or person that would have the potential to inspire another individual, much less the masses.

Art, in all its varied forms, is an inspiration, even when we don’t understand it—but as humans there is so much we don’t understand. Art is a safe way, a fun way, a non-pressure-filled way for us to let our imaginations explore and our boundaries to be pushed (whether we know it or not). It helps us right-brained people explore and feel something other than the safety of logic, numbers, and rules. It draws me to the other side of wonderment. I marvel at how someone could think of, plan out, and then execute something that has no structure except for what she or he created. But most of all, it helps me to appreciate that which is different from myself, that which is different from my usual reality. Perhaps it is my logical brain trying to figure out how another brain can function in the same day-to-day capacity as mine, but be so incredibly different. How can you not appreciate that? How can you not support that? Why would I not want to be a part of that?

More importantly, why wouldn’t you?


As part of Söntés’ commitment to and partnership with arts organizations, we’ll be working with the Rochester Symphony Orchestra & Chorale to host an evening of Latin music and dancing this Saturday, February 18th. Ticket holders for the event will receive a discount on dinner here before the show (just show us your tickets!), and after the concert we’ll be hosting a guest artist celebration with more music and dancing. Aside from the fact that it’s a perfect end to Valentine’s Day week, the Latin Love concert promises to be a great time. Check out more details on the concert here