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So, you’ve been reading our blog for awhile now, but we haven’t really talked about the people behind the posts. Curious about us? Check out the recently updated “Who We Are” page on this blog, and read below for some trivia Q&A.

What’s your favorite food experience?

This question really got people going, so if you’re in the restaurant, feel free to snag one of them for a good story. Tessa remembers the most amazing and unexpected food and wine pairing she’s ever had (it pretty much knocked her socks off): a thousand-year-old duck egg, pickled ginger, and Wolf Blass Grey Label Shiraz. Bryce fondly recalls the time he met Dutch food show host Renee Plujmb while Bryce was visiting his friends the Wiesners in Austria. The food he and his friends Christoph and Isabell were able to serve up from their farm was good enough to keep the television personality from making his evening reservation at an upscale restaurant. Trevor had a perspective-changing experience at a truly farm-to-table restaurant that grew its own greens, veggies, and fruit and also slaughtered its own pigs. Amanda is still amazed that she was able to get up the gumption to cook duck confit in her own kitchen, but it was certainly one of those shining moments that she’ll never forget.

What’s your number one tip for cooking at home?

Tessa advises, “Don’t be afraid to improvise! Cook books are like the speed limit—they’re recommendations. (Okay, just kidding on the speed limit, really!) After all, it’s just food, and you can always order pizza. Also, use sharp knives and high heat, season well, and for God’s sake, taste your food before you serve it to others!” Bryce chimes in and says to keep it simple, plan ahead, and get as much done ahead of time as possible so that you can enjoy the food with your guests. Trevor says to take your time and relax; after all, you should enjoy the time you have in the kitchen when you have the opportunity to cook! Amanda reminds everyone not to be intimidated. It’s just food, and everyone eats it! There are plenty of resources out there to help you, so just dive in, read the directions, and follow your taste buds.

Have more questions for our blog team? Want to share some of your own home cooking tips or fond food memories? Leave us a comment below and join the conversation!