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It’s been called “a vertical expression of a horizontal desire,” so yes, it’s sexy—but so much more, too. People often think of flashy stage tango moves, but Argentine tango is different: it’s less about performing for an audience, and more about a personal connection with your partner. You have the opportunity for about three minutes (the length of a typical tango song) to create a spontaneous dance memory together, an interpretation of the intriguing, rhythmic music. After the tanda (three to four short dances in a similar style of music) is over, you move on. While some tango dancers stick with one partner, there is a point of tango etiquette that encourages people to keep moving, making three minute memories with other dancers as the night progresses.

Caution: tango has the ability to take hold of your soul, and can be habit-forming! Intrigued? Come check out a milonga (gathering of tango dancers) in the back room behind the velvet curtain at Söntés on the following Saturday nights: April 7, May 5, and June 2. Each begins with a lesson at 8:30 PM. Sponsored by the Tango Society of Rochester.

Here are some picture from past events.  Hope to see you at one of the next!