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It’s the first ARTWALK of the spring! You won’t want to miss next Thursday’s evening of fine food and fine art, as we’ll be hosting artist Tammy Rice. Not only does she create Earth-friendly functional accessories from recycled components and found objects, but she’s also one of the contributing artists for the BRA-chester project.

Tammy is a self-taught Minnesotan artist who has been designing recycled inner tube jewelry for the last six years. She originally designed bead jewelry, but her environmental consciousness led her to investigate the use of recycled materials. She was shocked to discover that inner tubes can take up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill and, since she knew she could get used inner tubes pretty easily from her brother who works in construction, she began incorporating it into her bead designs.

Over the years, Tammy switched out the beads for other recycled materials, shifting her style to something much more industrial, edgy, and chic. Her line now includes not just jewelry, but handbags, belts, and coasters using tractor, dump truck, automotive, pedal bike, and motorcycle belts. As she continues pursuing her art, Tammy sticks by her motto: “Make peace, not landfills.”