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Did you know that Söntés can do private catering events at your own home? If you didn’t, don’t worry—it’s still a pretty well-kept secret. But we’d love to change that! We really enjoy planning private events. Not only do we get the chance to work with our guests personally and help them create a smashing celebration, but we also get to exercise our creative muscles while crafting a truly unique, personal occasion.

Recently, we had the chance to serve up a Paella Party on a Sunday afternoon at the home of one of our guests (who was kind enough to allow us to snap a few pictures). If you subscribe to our newsletter, you may remember that we rolled out these kinds of parties earlier this summer. This guest was interested in having a casual gathering of 20 to 25 people. She wanted them to be able to serve themselves, then mingle and chat in a relaxed setting over the course of the afternoon.

Chef Bryce and Tessa arrived at about 11am to begin preparations for the 1pm gathering. Chef was able to use the house kitchen for some of the prep, and then set up one of our paella pans out on the deck in order to cook the main dish. Meanwhile, Tessa set up the sangria, and worked to arrange the table with the other food, using a mixture of both the restaurant’s dishes and those of the family, as the hostess wished.

The result, as you can see from the photos, was a festive and inviting spread of food! If you’d like to enlist our help with a similar event, head on over to our Catering & Event Planning page to learn a bit more about the possibilities for the event. If you already know what you’re looking for, go head and give us a call at 507.292.1628 or email Karen or Tessa to get started!