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This is a great recipe if you’re entertaining. In fact, it’s good whether you need a starter plate for a special guest or just something a little different for the big game. You can make this the day before you need it and pull it out of the fridge an hour before serving. It’s also flexible in that you can serve it simply in a serving bowl, spread it on crostini, or roll it into logs then slice into disks to make a knock out appetizer for guests.

Goat Cheese Terrine

1 lb. Stickney Hill Dairy goat cheese (or other high quality chevre)
½ C. dried Mission figs
1 C. port
1 T. honey
2 T. toasted pine nuts
1 T. Italian parsley, minced
Kosher salt (and white pepper, if you like) to taste

Place chevre in stand mixer with paddle attachment and let soften.

Bring port and honey to a boil in a sauce pot, add the figs, and remove from heat. Let steep until soft but not mushy.

Once cooled, wring excess liquid out of the figs and back into the sauce pot. Reduce the port into a syrup of about 2–2 ½ T.; strain and leave at room temperature.

While the port is reducing, chop up the steeped figs.

Remove the reduced port syrup from the heat and let cool, then refrigerate in an airtight container.

Mix chevre with paddle attachment on low to medium speed until soft. Add Italian parsley, pine nuts and chopped figs, then give a good stir until everything is evenly incorporated. Adjust seasoning to desired taste. If it’s not sweet enough for you, add extra honey and stir until well mixed.

At this point you can wrap up the cheese mixture into logs using plastic wrap, place it in airtight storage container, or simply put into serving dish wrapped with plastic. Refrigerate.

Pull the cheese out of the fridge an hour before serving to let it soften. If you’re cutting slices from a log, go ahead and do that while it’s still cold.

Garnish with the port syrup and serve with crostini.