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This month—in fact, this week!—marks the beginning of our premiere curated art exhibition. Dozens of great artists applied, and ten have been selected to showcase their work through February, 2013. The artists selected are:

We’re excited to see their work go up in the restaurant, and are also looking forward to introducing you to them. Keep an eye on this blog, as we’ll feature two new artists each month through the run of the show.

Oh! And you also won’t want to miss the opening reception. Join us on Saturday, September 22nd from 5:00 to 7:30pm to view the art and speak with some of the artists!

This month’s featured artists are Ellie Kingsbury and Maggie Tweite. Read on to learn a bit about them and their work.

Ellie Kingsbury

Ellie’s elegant photographs of local produce are almost portraits in and of themselves, cataloging the quiet allure of the basic building blocks for a good meal. Says Kingsbury, “As people are reconnecting with the sources of their food, there is a new appreciation for how ordinary foods can be beautiful and culinary.  I find it interesting that a farmer will literally grab my photos out of my hand and wax poetic about the cycle of growth and the beauty of decay.  I’ve started to see a correlation between this and our own human experience of growth and decay…”

Kingsbury is a fine art and commercial photographer residing in Minneapolis. She received her degree from Hawkeye Institute of Technology, Waterloo, IA in 1983. She was a recipient of the 1993 McKnight Photography Fellowship for her project titled “Automatic Beyond Belief” and has been published in the World of Lith Printing from Argentum Press. As a child of the prairie, she often explores the beauty in the mundane.

Maggie Tweite

Maggie’s colorful creations are actually digital manipulations. She gathers together photographs that have high light contrast, then redraws and recolors them using a computer program. Once the digital creation is finished, it can be printed on metal, wood, or canvas. Her reimagined portraits give new life to the subjects.

Maggie was born and raised in Byron, just outside of Rochester. She studied studio arts at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN, and after college held a position at the Rochester Art Center. Although she now works at the Mayo Clinic, Maggie continues to pursue her art. She has shown her work and won awards in several locations around the area.

Check back next month for more featured artists!