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Yep, you heard right! There’s a block party coming up this month. And by block party, we do mean block and we do mean party! Here are the details:

Historic 3rd Street Block Party
October 13th
4pm to 10pm

The businesses of Historic Third Street, including Söntés, are getting together to give back to the community. And because we all love to have a good time, we’re throwing a block party with lively music, an interactive art installation, and (of course!) great food.

You may be surprised at the food, though! Chef Bryce is showing off his playful side by cooking up a giant (HUGE!) tater tot hotdish. It’s going to be both delicious and massive. How big do you think it needs to be for us to get into the Guinness Book of World Records…?

The participatory art installation is called “Love Locks.” Attendees, particularly those in love, are encouraged to bring a padlock of any kind, large or small or painted or plain, with them to the event. The act of affixing the lock to a decorated iron fence (and throwing away the key!) is said to forever secure the hearts of the individuals to whom the lock belongs. When all seen together, the locks create an enduring image of the strength of love within a community.

Admission is free, and we’re encouraging everyone to get out of their houses and into the beautiful autumn air to celebrate art, food, and the Rochester community. For this event, we’re partnering with The Venue, which is a subset of nonprofit organization C4, Concerned Citizens for a Creative Community. The cool thing about The Venue is that it isn’t tied to any particular location or activity. Rather, it is a floating concept designed to encourage connections between people and culture, bringing the spark of art to any event.

So please, come on out and celebrate with us. (Before we all retreat to the skyways and subways for winter!) See you all on October 13th!