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As you may have heard, Söntés recently launched its first curated art show. It was a long time in the making, and we got applications from many wonderful artists. Ten were selected for the show, and on this blog we’ll be featuring two of the selected artists per month for the run of the exhibition (through February, 2013).

This month’s artists are Dawn Sanborn and Jenna Abts. Get to know a bit about them below!

Dawn Sanborn

Dawn’s art career began at the tender age of 2, when she could be found drawing cats with crayons. She’s always been drawn to beautiful things, wondering at their nature—whether complex or simple. She earned a B.A. in Photography from Columbia College and went on to earn a Masters in Human Development. Her work has been shown at numerous locations, both locally and nationally.

Dawn explores many different subjects with her photography, from portraiture, weddings, and food to horses, pets, and fine art subjects. Her inquisitive nature leads her to get to the heart of any subject she picks, leading to sensitive, interesting photographs.

About Söntés, Dawn says, “My main reason for showing at Söntés is twofold: not only does Söntés hold a special place in my heart because, as a farmer myself, I appreciate their farm to table attitude, but I also admire the love and respect they have for local artists.”

Jenna Abts

Jenna was born and raised in Rochester, but has spent time living in and absorbing the art of a number of different places: Rome, Italy; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Kagoshima, Japan; and most recently Seattle, Washington, where she is enrolled in college studying graphic design and fine illustration.

Jenna submitted her work to Söntés because she found it “an exciting and interesting venue to show work. I create my pieces to be interesting and ‘livable’—that is, I believe they would thrive in a dynamic space.”

In her most recent body of work, some of which is currently represented at Söntés, Jenna has focused on exploring the ways in which animals, both real and mythological, become icons for human behavior and historical eras. Her detailed mixed media illustrations and use of gold ink backgrounds lend an iconic status to the images that is at times lightened by the intelligent, sometimes humorous gazes of her subjects.

Living with the Art

Söntés may be a restaurant, and it’s true that the art on the walls may not be the only focus of our visitors, but we believe that’s actually a plus. Think about it: when you take a piece of art into your home, you’re doing so because you want to live with it. You’ll hang it on a wall in your home then you’ll dine with it, sit near it, or admire it as you’re passing by.

In the same way that the art adds to the atmosphere of your home, your home adds to the art. We feel it’s the same way at Söntés! When you see a piece of art on our walls, something that people dine near, admire as they’re passing by, or observe contemplatively as they enjoy their meals, you can see for yourself how easily it could transition into your own home.