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by Barbara Pitcher, Söntés wine steward

Fall is in the air with beautiful colors, crisp mornings, and fantastic new flavors. Here at Söntés, we are serving wonderful fall fare, which begs new and equally wonderful wine selections.

Among our fall menu items you will find famous Au Bon Canard duck; a fabulous caramelized cauliflower warm fall salad; squash stuffed with the best veggies fresh from local farmers daily; chard stuffed torteloni with roasted marrow bone; foraged mushroom risotto; and coca hongo with roasted mushroom, roasted garlic puree, and mozzarella. If that isn’t autumn for you, well… don’t call it an evening without our butternut squash gnocchi dessert!

To share the stage with these amazing dishes, we also have a few new wines with which to tempt you. Our cuvee system features 40 wines by the glass, and there are many great new offerings! One definitely NOT to be missed is the M. Chapoutier Petite Ruche (White) Crozes-Hermitage, a delicious 100% Marsanne. M. Chapoutier is famous in part for having all their labels printed in both French and Braille. This elegant wine offers rich undertones of apples and exotic fruit, a perfect cold weather white wine. Enjoy with a flight of cheese—the silky Alemar, Tomme de Chevre Muscadet, and Garrotxa would be excellent!

If an Italian red calls to you when leaves start to fall, try the 6 42˚ from Tuscany. The catchy name comes from the six grapes blended to make this dark ruby red wine from the 42˚ latitude, which is approximately dead center of the best latitudes to grow excellent grapes. This wine has flavors of ripe cherries, vanilla, red currant, and black pepper. A cozy pairing with the caramelized cauliflower or the chard stuffed torteloni for sure.

The Château Puech-Haut Grenache/Syrah, blended to create a Pomerol-like essence, is fabulous with the Au Bon Canard duck or the foraged mushroom risotto! This lovely wine is from the Languedoc area of France, and the winery enjoys high praise for its talent in managing excellent vineyards and crafting Old World wines to delight New World palates. We’ll keep a table near the fireplace for you to enjoy while you sip a glass of this beautiful wine!

Perhaps you are entertaining guests and want a wonderful wine, but a more personal one—one typically pulled from a private cellar rather than found in a restaurant? Try our new Cab! It is one of Tessa’s favorite Cabernet Sauvignons: the 2005 Barnett! Dark berry/raspberry aromas and a velvety texture with sweet blackberry overtones just glides down your throat while you enjoy every morsel of your dinner selections! This wine pairs perfectly with the heartiest selections on our menu, especially the grilled quail with Au Bon Canard stuffing. Do come try a bottle soon!

There is a new, incredible wine from Priorat available by the bottle. This is a 2009, 30th anniversary vintage from Clos Mogador—and they do know how to grow an amazing variety of grapes in Priorat and how to craft a wine to covet, treasure, cellar, or (best of all) share! This wine is rich and smooth, like drinking cashmere. It will go with cheeses, ribeye, charcuterie platters, or dessert. The food will be fresh and delicious, and after such great pairings you’ll never forget this wine!

In addition to these incredible new wines, we also have a Reserve List. These are rare wines, often the only bottles of a particular vintage left in the state or even the country. Please ask for our wine steward to drop by your table to describe our special wines and help you find a perfect pairing for your dinner. Consider this post your personal invitation to come join us to celebrate this great time of the year—and don’t forget that Wednesdays are College ID Nights, when you can bring in your college ID from any year and enjoy the evening with friends AND a 25% discount!