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November is our anniversary month! Six years ago when we opened our doors in downtown Rochester, we were unsure of what the reception would be, but hopeful for the years ahead. Fortunately, that hope was utterly fulfilled. What a great six years it’s been!

And what better way to celebrate than with food? Specifically, our history in food! We asked our Facebook fans to weigh in on their favorite dishes—and boy did they ever! We received many enthusiastic endorsements of dishes from years past, and chose the following four of those to put on our dinner menu this month. (If you voted for a different dish, don’t worry! We’ll be featuring anniversary dishes for quite some time to come.)

Chorizo Stuffed DatesThe chorizo stuffed dates are one of our oldest dishes. In fact, they were on the menu when we first opened! It’s not hard to see why they’re so popular—just think of spicy chorizo softened by the sweetness of Medjool dates wrapped in savory bacon. The roasted tomato sauce balances the mixture of flavors with refreshing acidity.

Hoi Sin Pork Belly with Ginger Carrot WaffleThis fantastic dish was one of Chef Bryce’s early favorites. In fact, he created this for us when he flew out from Seattle to interview for the position as our Head Chef. After tasting this beautiful fusion dish, there was no way we could let him return to the West Coast!

Egg Rolls: The fact that this dish has proven memorable over the years was no surprise to us! These pork egg rolls are based on a recipe passed down through Nelson Leung‘s family. Like the Chorizo Stuffed Dates, they were on our menu for opening night six years ago. If you haven’t yet had them, they’re a must try! The Thai chili sauce they’re served with is the perfect complement.

Banh Xeo: This dish is so beautiful, light, and fresh that it made a lasting impression on our guests. These New Caledonian prawns are served with a Vietnamese rice flour and egg crepe, fresh mint, chive, and a nouc cham gelée. Just look at it! Doesn’t it look appetizing?