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In September, we launched our first curated art exhibition and are currently displaying the work of ten visual artists on our walls. Since then, we’ve been featuring two artists on the blog each month. This month, read on to learn about the appetizing oil paintings of Katie Aguado and the engaging mixed media collages of Francie Ginocchio.

Katie Aguado

Katie’s luscious oil paintings bring the charm of lovely food to any room. She started her food still life series when she moved to Rochester after college, where she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Iowa State University. In addition to creating detailed paintings of food, Katie has also worked as a graphic designer.

Regarding exhibiting in a restaurant, Katie says, “In a traditional gallery space, the viewers are only able to eat with their eyes while they experience my paintings… I try to portray food in a very beautiful way, and I feel it [fits] in well in a restaurant.” She loves the fact that people can eat and drink in great company while viewing her paintings.

Francie Ginocchio

Francie’s work has been exhibited at Söntés before, and we’re excited to showcase her work once more. Francie’s main focus for the last thirty or so years has been contemporary art quilts, but she has also explored mixed media collages such as those currently exhibited.

Francie’s playful pieces invite the viewer to lean in and examine them more closely to discover the materials, stitching patterns, textures, and embellishments. And when the viewer does so, he or she will discover the careful craftsmanship that is a hallmark of all of Francie’s work.