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This Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be thankful for. It’s been six years since we opened, and we’re still going strong! We’ve been supported in so many different ways from so many different sources. Below, staff members chime in with thankful shout-outs to those who have made a difference to them and to Söntés.


I’m grateful for the wine makers who seek us out because we are unusual and who find that we can showcase their wines to their exacting standards.

I’m thankful for the artists who trust us enough to share their work with us and display it to let the public view our truly creative community.


I am thankful for all the guests who laugh at my jokes and feel they can joke right back at me.


I’m thankful every time we have a guest come in after a long day at the Mayo Clinic. It’s always great when they’re celebrating positive results, but I’m even more thankful for the opportunity to take care of people who are struggling and scared by giving them a good meal, a smile, a chance to ease their minds.

As a Wisconsin girl at heart, I’m also thankful that my current state of Minnesota makes delicious cheese, like Bent River Alemar and the Stickney Hill Chevre we use in the beet salad and the roulade!


I am very thankful for a sustainable work environment in such a great location downtown with everything in reach of bike paths and walk ways.


I am thankful for and appreciate all of the opportunities that have come from all of the wonderful people that I work with and have met at Söntés!


I’m thankful for the guests who come in so regularly that we know one another’s first names and we hug when we see each other, and for the out-of-town guests who discover Söntés and make sure to designate their last night in town as a time to have dinner with us again.

I’m thankful for the bride who asked me, “Should we all stop hugging so we can sit down and eat? Are we holding up dinner? Will the Chef be mad?” I told her, “Of course not. Take your time. This is about you. Chef and his team are poised and ready whenever you are. They start when you say so.” We do this all the time, but how often do I get to say it out loud?

I’m thankful to Tessa and Söntés for hosting my first book launch in April this year. I was given the royal treatment—i.e., the same flawless attention to detail that everyone gets when they have an event here. The launch was a dream come true, and it never would have happened without Söntés!


I’m thankful for the online community that supports and encourages Söntés through posts, blog comments, tweets, and pins!

I’m grateful for the fact that some of the best duck in the country is available right in our backyard. Thank you, Au Bon Canard!


I’m thankful for David Merrill, who works with me to bring some of the best products in the world to Rochester. When combined with the great food we have right in our area, it’s amazing!


This Thanksgiving, at the top of my gratitude list are the friends at Söntés, the wonderful regulars and guests who brighten each day there, and the wisdom and generosity Tessa has shown in creating Söntés and supporting our community—especially our farmers, artisans, and daily guests.