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December marks the fourth month of our first curated art exhibition. This month, we’re proud to feature the work of two vibrant artists, each with a unique take on the use of color.

Fred GinocchioSontes Under the Lights

Fred’s artwork has, in fact, been exhibited at Söntés for awhile now, and we’re excited to be able to continue to show his lovely pastels. His work focuses on landscapes, historic buildings, and street scenes, although he has been known to craft a portrait or two as well.

Fred’s vibrantly local pieces are a natural fit for Söntés with our emphasis on supporting the local community. Fred depicts Rochester realistically, but draws attention to the details—such as the warmth of historic Downtown—that are often missed when going about the busy routines of daily life. These engaging pastels are an invitation to slow down and pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us each and every day.

Woman with PeppersRand Silverio

Rand Silverio’s sensual paintings feature bright, bold colors and thin line work. The pieces currently on display at Söntés are large paintings that will almost certainly catch the eye. The limited palette draws attention to the large blocks of color that arrange themselves into the form of a woman, hair floating around her, as she holds the bounty of the earth in front of her. Another piece shows a lounging woman leaning in the frame and holding a red flower close to her equally red lips.

Silverio’s work is part art nouveau sensibility and part modern simplicity. It is also playful, fun, and bright—perfect for display in any location that needs a splash of color and a bold statement.