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We’re nearing the close of our first curated exhibition. It’s hard to believe, but the time since it opened has just flown by! However, we still have two fantastic artists left to feature—so read on to catch up on their work. If you or someone you know is interested in applying for our next exhibition, the application is due February 15th.

Alyssa Hoerl - FamilyAlyssa Hoerl

Alyssa Hoerl’s passion is glass. Anyone who glances at her large-scale, almost photorealistic paintings of glassware can’t help but stare at the twists and turns the light does as it dances through glass and liquids. Hoerl says that her main inspiration (and it’s no surprise!) is Pacific Northwest glass artist Dale Chihuly, whose work can be found all across the globe, including in the lobby of the Mayo Clinic’s Gonda Building.

Of her work, Hoerl says, “I am constantly challenging myself with different compositions, colors, types of glassware, and background colors, always trying to improve and grow as an artist.” Hoerl’s work presents the viewer with a detailed, fascinating look at a daily phenomenon: the play of light through glass.

Bobbie MarinesBobby Marines - Jazz

The acrylic paintings of Bobbie Marines shine with bright colors and rapid movement. Their vibrancy draws the viewer from across the room, inviting a closer look at the raw lines and sheer emotion of the pieces. In addition to using acrylic paint, Marines will occasionally use discarded objects (egg shells, pencil shavings) to create texture within the piece. As in the painting entitled Jazz (shown here), Marines uses his brush and paint to express the emotions behind the object or action he depicts.

Marines’ passion for the creative process has led him to pursue an Associate Degree in Fine Arts from RCTC. He has participated in art projects across the United States, and has received a number of awards for his work. Marines is also involved in a number of local arts groups, and intends to remain an active part of the arts community in Rochester.