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Have you ever had one of those evenings when, no matter what you may have planned for dinner, you just can’t resist whipping up an old favorite? Everyone does it! We’ve all got them—those dishes that bring back fond memories, that hit your taste buds just right, or that (for lack of a better word) are just plain comforting.

Now, imagine what a chef might turn to on one of those nights. Nothing too hard, nothing too fancy, just… comfortable. And tasty!

Well, starting soon, you won’t have to imagine! Beginning on Thursday January 31st, we’re starting a series of Chef’s Comfort Food dinners. And for the following six Thursdays (skipping Valentine’s, because that’s a different kind of special evening!) we’ll be offering a limited number of made-from-scratch Chef’s dinners for two. (Yes, two—because sharing comfort food is the basis for many good relationships!)

These dinners are a great way to get to know our style of cuisine without picking and choosing from our full menu—although that can be fun too, of course! Rather, drop by on Thursdays and order the Chef’s Comfort Food dinner with the knowledge that what you get will be tasty, satisfying, and not something you had to cook at home!

So, here’s the upshot:

  • A dinner for two, especially crafted based upon Chef’s favorite guilty pleasures. (Those who have paid attention to any of the Chef’s dinners over the last year or so might have some idea of what our guilty pleasures are!)
  • Each course is individual, just like homecooked meals! There will be a plate for each of you for each course (starter, main dish, dessert); it’s not served tapas or small-plate style.
  • The price? $35, and we’ll throw in a specially paired bottle of wine for $15. If you don’t happen to like the wine for the evening, you can choose any bottle in the house and we’ll take 25% off its price for that night. (Please note that we are unable to offer a single serving price. But it’s still a bargain, and leftovers are comfort food too!)

That brings the total to $50 for dinner for two with wine. Now there’s nothing guilty about that! There will be a limited number of dinners available on a first-come, first-served basis, so keep that in mind. It’s so easy, though, that you can just meet at our place after work, and you already know what you’ll be ordering!

Some recent menus have included…

Chef’s Comfort Food Dinners

Mixed Greens, Lasagna, Garlic Bread, and Tiramisu

Mardi Gras Special: Crawfish Gumbo, Red Beans with Andouille Sausage & Rice, and Crème Brûlée

Mixed Greens, Pot Roast with Vegetables, and Apple & Cheddar Cheese Turnover (with a special guest: the winemaker from Six Sigma!)

Pinto Bean Soup, Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes, and Angel Food Cake with Fruit