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The Söntés Inside Out Series reveals what you may not know about the person with the tray… Heeeeeere’s Jody!

Jody Brown has been with Söntés since 2009. She serves, hosts, and has just been named the official blogger for Söntés Restaurant. Jody is the blogger who brought you Braless and Civilization, and she is the author of the novel Upside Down Kingdom, which is being sold at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and at Söntés Restaurant. Here is what you may not know about her:                                                       Jody and the Treasury, Petra

In her own words: “I tend to figure out what I’m most afraid of, and then I set out to conquer it.”

Jody has been invited to speak at the Rochester Public Library at 7 p.m. this Thursday (March 28) as part of the Library’s Visiting Author Series. posterShe’ll read from Upside Down Kingdom, talk about her background and writing process, and about publishing options. Books will be available for purchase and signature.

In honor of this event, Söntés is offering a 10% discount off your entire check this Thursday and Friday (March 28 & 29) when you bring your copy of Upside Down Kingdom to Söntés! It doesn’t matter when you bought the book (signed copies are available for purchase at Söntés), and if you have an E-version, bring in your Nook, Kindle, or iPad.

Upside Down Kingdom is an inside perspective on waiting tables, Dupont Circle, bookand what it takes to live and work in our nation’s capital. A work of historical fiction, the book is set in 2000-02 in Washington, D.C., and is based on Jody’s own bizarre life experiences.

~Interview with Jody Brown~

Where were you born?


Childhood memories?

My first job was delivering newspapers, for the sole purpose of saving enough money to buy a trampoline. I think we were the first house in the state to have one, and I think we’re the reason why you now need special insurance to own one. With the help of all the neighborhood kids, we invented tricks like “face dive” and “body crunch.” The injury list was staggering. But I can still flip!



I was president of Golden Key National Honor Society at the University of Pittsburgh. With the help of my fellow officers, our chapter managed to get volunteers at just about every campus event (and had an unofficial happy hour every Friday to celebrate and coordinate more events). Our chapter won its first award that year. More recently, Dr. John Sievers has named Upside Down Kingdom as required reading for his Humanities course at RCTC. I still can’t wrap my mind around this great honor. Amazing.


Besides the book, I like to think of myself as an accomplished traveler. I love to learn languages and then go try them out. My mom (I have to interject here, Bet She'anthe title we use in Pittsburgh is “Mum”) rolls her eyes at this, but I like to tell her, “Mum, you spend money on shoes. I buy plane tickets.”

How Did You Get to Rochester?

Wrong turn in Albuquerque. (I love that line!) Actually, I have friends from college who work for IBM here. When I decided to go for broke and write the book, I narrowed my choices down to Myrtle Beach or Rochester. I’d already lived in Myrtle Beach before, and figured I’d have a great tan and no book. But I hadn’t lived in Rochester yet, and I thought it would snow and I’d actually write it. As my IBM friend says, “Done and done!”

Unusual Experiences?

Years ago, I went to England on a writing retreat. There was a little shop in Glastonbury owned by a mystic man. Every day writers would come back for the afternoon session with unusual objects from his shop, and a message about themselves. He told one woman she was the Dragon, another, the Earth Mother. So I went. He mostly ignored me, and flirted with the Dragon who brought me to the shop. Finally, I interrupted him, and he told me I was the Goddess. (This is how you treat the Goddess??) But then he said that I open doors, that there are many doors, and I open them and walk right through. Mmm-hmm, look out world!


I grow roses. I don’t know what any of them are called or know their genus types, but I talk to them and encourage them along. In the summer, I put them on the host station at Söntés and give bundles to my friends.

What else do very few people know about you?

My coworkers get to hear all kinds of stories, but others may not know that I teach Sunday School at Calvary Episcopal Church. I teach second and third graders who are an exciting and idea-filled group of kids. We read, and then I retell the readings through stories and I really try to set the scene. Then we make a glitter mess. Sundays are usually my “day off,” but they’re certainly never dull.


More of the Söntés Inside Out Series to come!

For more information about Jody, see our Who We Are page.