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The highly anticipated Menu Change at Söntés is upon us, and has been for a few weeks now. And the change is, well…not that different. As the adage goes, the more things change the more they stay the same.  foie

Remember the Egg Rolls, Empanadas, Chorizo Stuffed Dates, Meat & Potatoes, Scallops, Risotto, Calamari, Foie Gras? Relax, they’re still here! In fact, about 90% of the menu you’ve come to love is still right here. The change is that you now have more options.

Over the years, Söntés has become known for our tapas style dining, where plates come out when they’re ready, not necessarily together, giving you a running tally of dishes headed to the table. And when the tapas arrive, we set them in the middle of the table, easily within reach of all diners, meat platebecause tapas are shared plates. Well, friends, you can still order adventurously here at Söntés and have your beloved tapas. We’re now calling them Midwestern Tapas, because they’re what we love to eat. They’re local favorites with an international flair.

Brace yourselves for this: In addition, for those of us with “does not share well with others” marked on our permanent record cards, Söntés now allows us to order our own salad, entrée, or dessert and not share.

That’s it. That’s the Big Change.

Well, there’s a little more. In order to make it easier to navigate the menu, we moved things around on the page. (Get it? We “changed the menu.”) We’ve grouped together Menuwhat we consider to be smaller portions, and put them at the top of the menu. Then we made a grouping of larger dishes, and listed them at the bottom. Salads and Side dishes have their own heading. Pizzas and cheeses are still on the back of the menu.

Tapas lovers: you may order any dish from anywhere on the menu, big or small, and share it.

Traditional diners: if you want to have an appetizer, then a salad course, then an entrée course, and you want the courses to arrive together so that everyone at the table gets “their” dish at the same time, no problem.

duckEveryone still has the flexibility to order a small item as an entrée, or a salad as an entrée, or a large item as a shared appetizer.

Since The Change, we’ve seen more of a mix of styles: Tapas lovers are trying their own entrées; traditional diners are ordering a couple small plates as appetizers (and they’re even sharing) before they move on to coursed dining. It’s a veritable “meeting in the middle” for tapas and traditional diners, allowing us all to finally eat together in mixed company.

Why the change? This is the best part: Because you asked.

We’re also planning to keep more of a seasonal menu, which means that the dishes you’ve come to love you’ll be able to love all season long. Meat and PotatoesYour favorites won’t disappear week to week. Change-lovers, don’t worry, we’ll still have nightly featured items to tell you about that aren’t listed on the menu, just to keep you on your toes.

Ah, change! It’s inevitable. It forces us out of our comfort zone and insists we learn something new. We can embrace change or ease our way in. Change has a way of making us look back with nostalgia on the “good ole days.”

Friends, look to the present. Those “good ole days” are upon us.

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