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The Söntés Inside Out Series is proud to present Chef Trevor Garrett. You’ve been asking to know more about the man behind the amazing dishes here at Söntés. Well, Chef Garrett, meet the World. World, we give you our own Chef Trevor Garrett.

Chef Trevor Garrett has been with Söntés since 2010 and has worked as our Sous Chef for two years before being named Head Chef in 2013. Chef has an amazing ability to delight our guests with his inventive and appealing cuisine. He is always curious about a guest’s palate, and will frequently step out onto the dining floor to chat with the guest personally.

Chef Garrett’s love of food is evident in the dishes he makes; they’re beautiful to look at and delectable to eat. He really gets into his work, even wearing a kilt as Trevorhe plated the Robert Burns dinner on February 2nd this year. His tremendous work ethic and cheerful humor set an example for his entire kitchen staff. Chef Garrett proves that when you love what you do, it’s no longer work.

In Chef’s own words: “I always love a good challenge.”

Below is our back-kitchen interview to know more about Chef Trevor Garrett, from the man himself. (Can’t get enough of Chef Garrett? Check out his bio is on our Who We Are page.)

~Interview with Chef Trevor Garrett~

Where were you born?
Rota, Spain

Childhood memories?
I grew up in Bremerton, which is in Washington State. I spent a lot of time camping, hunting, fishing, playing sports. In the winter we got a decent amount of rain, but it was sunny in the spring and in the fall. Summers are usually 80 degrees with lots of sunshine. I spent a lot of time outside.

I won the 40-yard dash in elementary school. While in high school, I competed in the Vocational/Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) National Competition for cooking.

I won the science fair in third grade. Come to think of it, I won a few times for different projects. Bee pollination was one of them, cross pollination specifically.

How did you get to Rochester?
I came to work here at Söntés. I got the call and made the trip. That first summer, I hated the heat and the humidity. I melted daily. But then winter arrived and I loved it.

Unusual Experiences?
To me it’s all normal, no matter what it is. I take things as they come.

I grew shiitakes at home so I could make them into pasta dishes in my off time. I’m going to try oyster and rishi mushrooms next.

What else do very few people know about you?
I’m an Eagle Scout. I was in Scouts from ages 5-18.

Blogger (knowing Chef’s humor): So you’re resourceful enough to smelt your own frying pan and cook a gourmet dinner in the middle of the woods?

Chef: Oh, yeah, I could cultivate a steamer out of tree bark and we’d all eat like kings!

Get to know more of Chef Trevor Garrett’s humor, personality, and his amazing dishes here at Söntés. Stop in for lunch, dinner, or happy hour and a snack!

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