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Those of you at the 2012 Sturino Trotta Dinner will recall the camaraderie, fun, wine, and cuisine that made California winemaker David Trotta Barnes, owner of Sturino Trotta winery, vow to return to Söntés to do it again. Wait no longer: The 2013 Sturino Trotta Dinner happens this Saturday, April 27!

Saturday’s Sturino Trotta Dinner will feature seven hand-selected wines chosen by David Trotta Barnes, each poured for you by David himself and paired with a course from Chef Trevor that has been carefully made to enhance the flavors of the wine.

“What wines? What food?” you ask? Not so fast. Last year, everyone knew the wines and the menu in advance of the event (except for David Trotta Barnes, we found out, who knew the wines, of course, but did not know the menu until he tasted it). That gave us an idea here at Söntés: This year, Chef Trevor has been asked to closely guard his menu for Saturday’s dinner. He alone knows both the wines and the courses. (We assume Tessa knows, but she’s a vault.) Again, even David Trotta Barnes doesn’t know the menu, so on Saturday, guests and the winemaker alike will delight in the courses together.S.Trotta poster

Not to keep you completely in the dark about Saturday’s event, here’s a hint this blogger wrestled out of Chef: One of the wines is the winner of the International Taste Test of Shanghai, China, chosen over Lafite Rothschild, Opus One, Caymus Special Select, etc., and has been declared the “BEST of the BEST” wines in the world. Dream of wines with truffle, French oak, olives, peaches, cedar, vines over 120 years old, and wines aging in the bottle for the last 6 and even 8 years…

(If you absolutely must know what Chef’s preparing in advance of Saturday, or the seven chosen Sturino Trotta wines David is bringing, call us or stop by and we’ll disturb Chef in his kitchen and demand the secret menu. But be forewarned, he has knives.)

Dinner starts at 6 p.m., and costs $75 per person, which includes 7 wines and 7 perfectly paired courses, as well as winemaker David Trotta Barnes’ personal expertise (tax and gratuity are additional). Please call us to reserve your place at the table: 507-292-1628.  The wines and dinner are not available on the main dining floor, so we do ask that you make your reservation in advance.

Join us for this special event that, a year from now, we’ll all still be talking about.

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