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The Söntés Spring/Summer Gallery Exhibition (S/SGE) officially launched in April with a dazzling champagne reception and chance to meet the artists. In case you missed the reception, we are featuring each of the twelve chosen artists via blog to give you a more in-depth look at their life and their work. The exhibition will be displayed at Söntés through September; however, all of the artwork is for sale and will move around as replacement pieces arrive. The next time you dine with us, and every time, feel free to move about the restaurant and take in the more than 80 pieces of artwork we have on display.

Wander. Absorb. Our house is your house.

Watercolor artist Kathleen Braud was chosen for the Söntés Spring/Summer Gallery Exhibition (S/SGE) for the color, shape, and design in her work, and especially for her recent work’s examination into the values of light, middle, and dark colors.Braud 111010 RedFloral Mishmash AP3 8x10 008

Braud experiments with new applications of watercolor, gouache (opaque watercolor), and related water media in her exploration of art. She says of her process, “I work alone in my home studio and struggle with the joys of developing a painting.”  Braud High Steppers AP3 400px DSC00262

Braud is an active working artist and watercolor instructor. She is a signature member of the Red River Watercolor Society, a member of many art organizations and has held board positions. She teaches classes and participates in art shows and events in Minnesota as well as nationally. She has received numerous awards for artistic excellence during her career. Large exhibits of her work have been displayed multiple times at the 2nd Floor Gallery, Thrivent Financial in Minneapolis, and also at the Hennepin County Medical Center, Sherburne County Government Center, Anoka County Government Center, and St. Cloud Banks and Civic Center. Her home studio is in Little Falls, Minnesota.

Braud says, “My goal is to have fun, be enthusiastic, and to share my impression with you.”

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Our thanks go out to the 120+ guests who dined with us on Thursday, April 25 as part of Dining Out for Life. Thank you for showing your support for this important cause!