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bookA couple came in this week to celebrate their anniversary. Let’s call them Edward and Bella, just for fun. Edward and Bella drove a considerable distance (not from Forks) to come to Söntés, based on the recommendation of a friend.

When they first sat down, they spent a little time with the amazing Barbara Pitcher, our Sommelier, who helped Bella choose a glass of wine to sip while they enjoyed appetizers.

Enter the server, let’s call her Super Woman, who pointed out a few items on the menu and answered the couple’s questions.  Together, they ruled out some appetizers because of a tomato allergy and steered toward others they thought they’d like. Edward and Bella decided to come up with a plan for their dinner course right from the start, to make sure there was plenty of time for “adjustments.”[Cue dramatic music.]

Yes, adjustments.  A few years ago, Bella suddenly developed quite a few allergies to “basic” ingredients. (Edward and Bella laugh that they have a “short list” of what Bella can have, and a “long list” of what she can’t.) Armed with the Short List, Super Woman heads to the kitchen. Chef Alex, played by the real-life Chef Alex, clears their appetizer choices, making a few small changes. Dinner, however, poses quite a challenge. The steak has already been marinated in ingredients that Bella can’t have.

We join our players as discussion ensues between Chef Alex, Super Woman, and Chef Joel who enters from Stage Left:

“Do we have any other cuts of meat?”

“There must be flavor for her somewhere!”

“Did you pepper the celeriac purée?”

“I have a flat iron that would be perfect!”

“Captain, we have that stock sauce.” (Okay, no one said Captain.)

Appetizers come out, and Edward and Bella love them. Super Woman assures Bella that the Chefs are creating her dinner and that it will be Meat & Potatoes like she wants, but not the same meat or potatoes Super Woman described in the beginning. Sommelier Barbara Pitcher checks the flavor pairing of the wine with the appetizers, which is perfection. Yes, a Pairing to Perfection. Barbara and Bella plan a new glass of wine for Bella’s dinner—based on the sample wines Barbara brings out.

Dinner arrives, with a breath-holding moment by Bella, who sees sauce on her dish. She can’t eat sauce. She hasn’t eaten sauce at a restaurant since the onset of the allergies. Politely, apologetically, she says she will wait for the dish to be remade. But wait! ahaThis sauce is our own Söntés stock sauce (Chef had a better name for it but Silly Blogger can’t remember), made from scratch using four ingredients on Bella’s Short List. All is well! Dinner is saved!

Bella is overwhelmed. She loves the dish. Edward is so happy that they’ve found proper care and attention to detail in a restaurant. His lovely wife is overjoyed and he’s thrilled. (And his risotto is out-of-this-world, too.)

With Edward and Bella’s permission, Super Woman puts their names and contact number in the host’s reservation computer along with the Short List. “Next time you come to town,” Super Woman says, “Call us and tell us it’s you. The notes will pop up on your reservation. Chef checks that every day to see who’s coming in, and he’ll already have a plan that can work for you when you get here. We do this for all of our guests with allergies or doctor’s orders, and even for guests who just prefer one thing over another.”

When that’s done, Super Woman dashes to the kitchen and prompts Chef Alex to come out. He walks across the dining room to Edward and Bella, and Bella jumps up and hugs him. Edward gets up to shake Chef Alex’s hand.

“I haven’t eaten sauce in a restaurant in years!” Bella exclaims. “This is fantastic, thank you!”

“My pleasure,” Chef Alex says, because really, this is what he lives for, making people happy through food.fairy tale pic

This amazing saga has been brought to you by Söntés Restaurant, where every member of the team does their very best to get it right. It’s never “just lunch” or “just dinner.” It’s the details that mean so much.

Life’s moments happen when we break bread.

Here it comes: And they all lived happily ever after. (I know, because I was there.)

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