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There are different schools of thought on the “R” word. Some think reservations are only for special occasions. Others think it’s similar to a bouncer at a night club, letting trollsome in while keeping others out. (I picture a troll at a bridge saying, “None shall pass,” but that’s me.) Still others think it’s the hallmark of snootiness.

Really, it’s none of those things. It’s a heads-up, simple as that. “Hey, George and Martha, I’ll be stopping by for dinner at your place on Friday. I’m bringing the kids. Oh, and you know I can’t eat fish, right?” Yep, just like that. Of course, most of you don’t have the audacity to really say this to your friends or family. But at Söntés, feel free to invite yourselves over!

Söntés takes reservations via phone (507-292-1628) and also online via Open Table, a computer program that not only books the reservation, but it knows the layout of our restaurant, so it ensures that a table is available.  Open Table asks you to set up a user name and password, and in exchange, it offers you discounts the more you go out to eat (some of our guests use it every time they come to Söntés, even for just a quick bite, to rack up the discounts). It’s used by restaurants around the country, so if you do any traveling, you can log in and see what’s nearby and book yourself a table.

Do you need reservations? Not necessarily, but they certainly don’t hurt. (Hint: Chef makes you a special snack if you reserve a table with us before 4 p.m.!) We understand that some of you are on tight schedules, and you have no idea when you’ll free up, so reserving a specific time is out of the question. We hear you! We also know there are some of you who fly by the seat of your pants and like to leave things to chance. If the tables are booked, you’re happy to sit in the lounge for lunch or dinner. You know we love you! (But if you have your heart set on table-dining and not eating at our honed black granite bar or plush couches in a pinch, simply reserve a table with us. We’ll keep it ready for you!)

logoFor specialty dinners (where we ask for advance reservations), if we get more “RSVPs” than expected, we plan for extra staff to take care of everyone. For these dinners, Chef only orders in enough steak or lobster, or only prepares enough cheese tarts (hint, hint, Chef, cheese tart!) for each person on the reservation list. That’s why we ask for a reservation, so that we save a place at the table for you and Chef counts you in the food he’s preparing.

We’re a Farm to Table restaurant, meaning that we specialize in fresh, local ingredients. You know the upside of this: quality, nutrients, and flavor, flavor, flavor. The downside is that “leftovers” are not in the vernacular…

(Part Two of To Reserve or Not to Reserve will be posted this Saturday…)

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