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Growing up in Pittsburgh, at the end of every school year, each district would take their turn at the area amusement park, Kennywood. kennywoodSchool was open long enough on Kennywood Day for teachers to take attendance, then we were put on busses to the Park where we spent the day on the rides, playing games, chatting with friends, and soaking up the freedom of being outside with the summer ahead of us. The park was filled with my friends and neighbors, and we all seemed to know everyone who walked by. And of course we had our favorite haunts for lunch, dinner, and snack foods. The best food was always the stuff we could carry with us as we ate it. When we got tired, we’d stop inside an arcade for the air conditioning, for some chairs to sit on, or for some chocolate.

In college, my university played in a Bowl game, so the entire U traveled to Memphis for the game, where we met up New Year’s Eve on Beale Street for some good old fashioned college partying. It was freezing, and we didn’t care. We had cold drinks and hot food in easy-carry containers, and all our friends around. What more did we need?

Here in Minnesota, the devil-may-care attitude prevails with Thursdays on First, starting this week. We are people of a cold climate who have snow most of the year, (rain for possibly the rest of it), and yet, on Thursdays, we’re on the street eating and drinking like kids again. What more could we need? Ah yes: paella.paella

Söntés will have our signature paella (chicken, bomba rice, white wine, red peppers, made on the street in that giant pan we had shipped from Spain).  We’ll also have empanadas. In the restaurant they come 2-3 “dumplings” per order, but on the street we serve one large empanada that looks a lot like a tasty turnover. There will be a meat-filled empanada, and a veggie-filled option each week. There’s also beer, sangria, bottled water, and sodas as well.

There’s something very liberating about eating and drinking on the empsstreet and finding familiar faces everywhere you look. Our red tent and wooden bar will be in their usual spot: near the 3rd Street parking ramp by the South stage. While our traditional Thursdays on First menu will kick us off, Chef Trevor says with a smile, “We may change it up on occasion. We’ve got some ideas in the works.”

If street food doesn’t appeal to you, we serve lunch at Söntés Monday through Friday from 11-2. Sit inside in the air conditioning (if summer ever arrives), or sit at our outdoor tables and watch the comings and goings of the street while our talented lunch staff bring the food and drinks to you (we’re blogging more on lunch next week!). From 2-6 we do happy hour at the restaurant, which is $1 off tap beers and $2 off all wines by the glass (all 40 of them!), and there’s a snack menu available. Dinner starts at 5, and Chef’s doing a locally inspired Tasting Menu this week (five courses for $40) in addition to our dinner menu. There’s also chocolate, so saunter in.

Rochester’s Thursdays on First fair is about to begin, with friends, family, food, drinks, music, and Söntés on the street. Get ready, get set…

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