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As some of you have heard and read, the Söntés iPads have arrived! We have 10 of them and they’re nearly ready to launch! Our entire list of 40 wines by the glass, over 100 bottle selections, and 50+ beers is right there in the iPads’ easy-to-scroll format. Söntés is the first and only restaurant in Minnesota to use iPads for a wine list.ipad 2

For as hi-tech as the iPads are, they’re really easy to use (our staff will show you!) and they put a world of information right at your fingertips—seven years’ worth of Tessa’s wine finds and tasting notes, beer selections from around the world, and craft cocktails to be exact!

We’re using the Tastevin app, which allows guests to search our extensive wineipads list by price, grape, and region, with just a touch of a finger. We’ll list food pairings from our Lunch and Dinner menus that will go great with the wines. Those of you who like to choose wine by its label, you’re in luck: you can see the labels on the iPads for your choosing pleasure. Cocktailers, you can see pictures of the selections before you order them! Information lovers: you can email yourself the specs on a particular bottle of wine or beer that you find interesting. Decision Makers of the world, you can click “Consider This” for every beverage you want to remember as you scroll. “Consider This” puts all of your chosen wines/beers/cocktails onto one screen for easy comparison. For those of us with glasses, we can adjust the type size for our convenience. Finally, no more squinting or asking the person beside us to hold the menu up!

bookWe will continue to have the hard copies of our wine list, so those of you out there who like to print this blog and read it on paper are still able to flip pages in the wine books. We were thinking of you! Those of you who like to play Angry Birds, we thought of you, too. You cannot play Angry Birds on the iPads, but Söntés has free Wi-Fi, so continue to bring your own device and play away!

The iPads are a fantastic tool to organize Söntés’ extensive beverage offerings. Of course, our Sommelier Barbara Pitcher is still on hand, live and in person, to help you choose a wine pairing. The iPads are launching us into the future here, a future with dazzling possibilities, not a cold environment devoid of human contact. Our amazing staff has not been replaced by robots. That idea just does not compute, does not compute…

Here’s what does compute: Stop in to Söntés for a test drive and a little food for thought. The iPads should be ready to roll in about a week!

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