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garden leadThe Söntés rooftop garden has sprouted! And lately, in our dining room, one can overhear: “I’m sure your Chef doesn’t give out his recipes, but I’d love to have it! Please ask him. I’ll keep it a secret!”

Indeed, Chef does have his many tricks. But one of them is no secret: Food tastes better when it’s fresh. Chef Trevor doesn’t need to pile on tons of salt, butter, cream, or fat for flavor when he started with such fresh ingredients. Our local vendors and farmers who provide us with fresh herbs, vegetables, and meats are listed on our menus. And now, in addition, the Söntés garden is producing locally from our own rooftop.

garden 5Chef is ready to add the Söntés-grown herbs to the entrées for lunch and dinner, and the veggies are about ready to pick. We have tomatoes—two long rows of tomatoes on the north side of the roof that Tessa has nicknamed Tomato Alley. We’ve also got basil, cilantro, peppermint, kale, green beans, and hot peppers—even the strawberries are starting to grow! But don’t pigeonhole the garden just for our food menus; some of those herbs are for mojitos and our craft cocktails–including Tessa’s secret recipe One garden 4 squashNight in Bangkok–which Bar Manager Darrell and bartenders Jose, Kiwi, Annie, and Paul are making all summer long!

Söntés’ Uprooted Garden took a lot of TLC—not just because it’s on the roof of our historic building in what’s becoming a bustling and lively downtown. That was challenge enough–until we teamed up with Daniel Heublein who presented us with the Straw Bale Garden technique honed by Joel Karsten. The Straw Bale Garden technique uses the bales themselves as dirt.

tomatoesArmed with straw bales and a dream, we put dozens of bales on our roof to create a nearly dirt-free and weed-free rooftop garden, the first of its kind in the United States.

This year’s record-breaking rainfall and lack of sunlight in late May caused area gardeners a lot of heartache (in fact, the very day we were putting the bales on the roof in mid-May, we were pummeled by sleet). But our recent streak of beautiful and seasonal weather has turned the tide, and rather quickly. The straw bales have weathered the storm, so to speak, and we are growing!

garden 3Our very heartfelt thanks go out to all who contributed (and continue to contribute) to getting the Söntés Uprooted garden off the ground. We will be posting pictures of each of the sponsored bales on our Uprooted Facebook page as well as on our Söntés Facebook page. We appreciate your love for eating fresh and eating local, and your support for this revolutionary take on urban gardening!garden 1

Come and enjoy the freshness of our garden flavors. From appetizers to entrees, salads to sandwiches, and even cocktails, wander in to Söntés and taste the summer.

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