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Fabric Artist Francie Ginocchio was chosen for her quilted artwork with designs ranging from abstract images and landscapes to whimsical themes, all with an emphasis on color, movement and careful craftsmanship. Her contemporary art quilts are designed to hang on the wall.Francie Secret Meeting

In her own words: “Bright colors, movement, and bold patterns along with careful craftsmanship are at the heart of my work.”

Francie has been creating contemporary art quilts for more than thirty years. She says she begins with “a journal sketch, a line from a song, a child’s drawing, or colorful piece of fabric that’s been calling to me.” Each step in the process, from piecing, layering, stitching with beautiful threads, and embellishing with beads, has its own rewards for her. Francie says, “Through each step, I feel I am creating a unique twist on tradition.”

In addition, she frequently experiments in what she calls Fiber Play—collage-making, felting, hand dyeing, Shibori, beading, and surface design techniques. Her bold contemporary art quilts require the viewer to look closely to discover the materials, stitching patterns, textures, and embellishments.

Francie Secret Meeting StudyFrancie’s work appears in hospitals, insurance companies, banks, public buildings and private homes.  She lectured and taught quilt-making throughout the Midwest and currently does technical editing for quilt publications.

Francie’s art, and works by the eleven other artists of the Söntés Spring/Summer Gallery Exhibition (S/SGE) are displayed at Söntés through September. Please feel free to move about the restaurant and take in the more than 80 pieces of art, as they are all for sale and tend to move around. Wander. Absorb. Our house is your house.

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