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If you’ve been to Söntés this week, you’ve seen the sign at the host station stating that Söntés will be closed for the week of July 1. (Or maybe you were distracted by the iPads and you missed the sign.)

Yes, blogfans, Söntés will be closed July 1-7, opening again on Monday, July 8 for lunch and dinner. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. But, being open all year long, it’s necessary to close the shop for a couple days annually to get a little routine maintenance done—on our building as well as for ourselves! party

During the week off, some members of our staff plan to hop on planes to visit family out of state. Others are planning to tube down the Zumbro and enjoy the downtime. All of us, in some way, shape, or form, will be watching fireworks on July 4th—in fact, many of us together. Because, you see, even a week of free time for us will not equate to quiet or even solo time.

We admit that this may sound strange. But the truth is: we’re more than coworkers. We’re friends. Tessa has amassed our fun, eclectic, talented, and lively staff, and we all like to spend time together outside of the Söntés building. Our week off will be no exception. So if you see us downtown, at a picnic, or the movies, or tubing down the Zumbro, float our way and we’ll all have fun together. And we’ll see you back here July 8, rain or shine.birthday

Lunch will start promptly at 11 a.m. on Monday, July 8, and Happy Hour and dinner will follow. Our staff will return refreshed, a little sunburnt, and full of stories to share. Join us!

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Our Jam-Packed July Events:
Join Us for Thursdays on 1st Every Thursday on the Street!
July 1-7:
Söntés Annual Recess: Lunch & Dinner closed
July 8 and Beyond: We Re-Open for Lunch at 11 a.m.
July 12:
Söntés at Palate to Palette
July 13:
Söntés at the last annual St. John’s Block Party
July 18: P2P Wine Class
with Sommelier Barbara Pitcher 6:30 p.m.
(reserve through Barbara ph. 952.358.1285)
July 21: Söntés at PrideFest at the Peace Plaza
July 28: Dinner at the Winery

See the Söntés Happenings page for more information
& watch for future Söntés blog posts
Söntés phone 507.292.1628