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Pastel Artist Fred Ginocchio was chosen for his scenes depicting well-known Rochester locales and for his recent work involving night scenes.

Fred Mc Goon's on Second StFred says, “I work to create a scene or image with accuracy, but also look to add my own emotional response to the image.  I have worked primarily with both soft pastels and oil pastels. I enjoy the richness of color, the energy, and the immediacy of the pastel medium.”

Fred’s pastel work includes a mixed-medium approach by combining oil paints and pastels.  His process when using dry pastels, he says, is to begin with harder Nupastels and finish with softer Sennelier pastels. He began painting with oil pastels in 2004. “The creamy texture of oil pastels allows me to manipulate the medium and image for added effect.”

Fred Library at NightFred says of his work, “Landscapes offer endless challenges to an artist.  Every minute and hour of each day is unique.  I am especially interested in the colors, shapes and patterns of the landscapes and try to capture their images and mood.”

If his name looks familiar to you, perhaps that’s because his paintings hang in Olmsted Medical Center and Samaritan Bethany here in Rochester, or perhaps it’s because his wife, Francie Ginocchio, was recently featured in our blog for her fabric art. Fred and Francie Ginocchio are the only husband-and-wife artists (pastel paintings and fabric art, respectively) to be featured in our Söntés Spring/Summer Gallery Exhibition (S/SGE).

Fred has also recently exhibited his work at Artigras in Rochester and at the “Cultivation” Show at the Lanesboro Arts Center. His work is also shown at the Tomorrow River Gallery in Amherst, Wisconsin, and Crossings in Zumbrota, Minnesota. Fred works from his studio in downtown Rochester.

The Söntés Spring/Summer Gallery Exhibition (S/SGE) will be displayed at Söntés through September, with more than 80 pieces of art for sale. Wander. Absorb. Our house is your house.

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