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Adam has been with Söntés for nearly four months as our Lunch Chef. Lunch guests recognize his deliciously detailed plates, bursts of flavor in the dishes, and his amazing soups that have created quite a buzz.Adam

“I love making soup,” Adam says, “because I can create a bowl full of anything I want. You taste a spoonful and immediately sense the many layers of flavor of everything I put into it. Right away, you taste one thing–and then at the end, you taste another flavor. I love those layers.”

Appropriately, Adam lives by the words: “Love the life you live. Life the life you love.” Söntés staff members will tell you that at any moment you may find Adam dancing in the kitchen as he cooks.

In addition, we’re very excited to announce that the Lunch Menu is about to get even better! Adam has worked with our Head Chef Trevor Garrett to design a Summer Lunch Menu at Söntés that takes full advantage of the fresh herbs and veggies growing on our rooftop! The menu rolls out within days!berries

Spoiler Alert: Among the new dishes, guests will find a black bean and rice burger, a teriyaki chicken sandwich, and a white chocolate strawberry marquise!


 ~Interview with Lunch Chef Adam Maxwell~

Where were you born?
LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

stoveChildhood memories?
I remember being five or six when I took it upon myself to make my own breakfast. My mom found me in the kitchen in the early morning and nearly panicked. But I had it under control. I had multiple pans going and was making eggs and bacon. You know, I think I started cooking because I was tired of eating the half-cooked snacks that my sister would try to make.

I played baseball growing up, from ages 7 to 16, and I have several trophies. I went to college for Law Enforcement and graduated with high honors. And I was President of my class at Western Technical College.

I was pursuing a degree in environmental biology and a minor in philosophy–because it makes me happy—when I bought into a restaurant in LaCrosse. I was an owner there for two years, we made everything from scratch, and it was truly a wonderful life. Eventually, I was looking to make the move to Rochester and arranged for my partners to buy my share.

How did you get to Rochester?
How did I get to Rochester? I walked. Kidding! My fiancée got a job at Mayo, and I knew there were great restaurants here, so we came here. We are getting married in February 2014—a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas. I can’t wait.

Unusual Experiences?
You know, I lived in a haunted house for 2 years in LaCrosse, on Ferry Street. People didn’t believe me until they saw it for themselves. Blinds would go up by themselves, I saw a silhouette in a curtain, and we heard a lot of footsteps. Our ghost was playful and fun. It wasn’t normal, by any stretch, but it wasn’t scary, either. We got used to it.

My mom loved pets. I had just about everything, except for insects. Who wants a spider?

guitarWhat else do very few people know about you?
I love to ride bike—mountain biking. I’m not a road biker. I also skate boarded for nine years. I never broke a bone, but I should have. And I write songs and play guitar.

Find out what all of Chef Adam’s kitchen dancing is about! Join us for lunch Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and look for the new menu items to begin soon!

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