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 Today: The Last Annual St. John’s Block Party

Today is the last annual St. John’s Block Party, and Söntés wouldn’t miss it for the world. Söntés will be serving chicken paella along with sausage empanadas (and veggie-filled ones, too!) as nine bands play on two different stages downtown by the Church of St. John the Evangelist and its neighboring buildings.block party

Proceeds from the St. John’s Block Party are given back to the community, which is the heart of why Söntés jumped at the chance to be involved. Farm to Table dining puts a great trust in our local farms for fresh and quality ingredients. This connected, community mindset continues in everything we do at Söntés.

The Block Party gates open Saturday at 3 p.m., and the music lineup (including the Meat Puppets, Enemy Planes, Greenwich, and Actual Wolf) kicks off at 3:30 and continues late into the evening. Join Söntés at this tenth and final St. John’s Block Party to raise money for our own Rochester community.

Pridefest Main Event July 21

pridefestSöntés is pleased to be serving our gourmet paella and empanadas (that we’ve turned into classic street fare!) at the LGBTA Pridefest Main Event on July 21 in the Peace Plaza downtown. This is the 16th annual Rochester LGBTA Pridefest, and the Main Event will include an award presentation, drag queen bingo, belly dancers, and music by Söntés–favorite Thomas and the Rain. The Main Event lasts from noon to 6. Come out for a great time, and enjoy some gourmet Söntés favorites!

Every Thursday: Thursdays on First

By now you’re familiar with our red Söntés tent that has been seen at numerous community events, and you’ve probably seen the news footage of Chef Trevor stirring paella in the giant pan on the street.

Did you know that every week at Thursdays on First, our staff are handed cameras from passers-by who ask for their picture to be taken with Chef Trevor and the paella? True story. They watch how it’s made—right from scratch out in the open air—with fresh bell peppers and onions, chicken and garlic and rice, and can’t help but ask for a sample. We oblige. They order a container and walk the downtown streets of Rochester enjoying the paella as they go. Within the hour, they return, and tell us how much they loved it. Often, they get a second container with the lid closed tight “to go.”paella

Who knew that this classic Spanish rice dish would become so popular in Rochester? We did. (Okay, we didn’t know exactly. But we did know it was delicious. And our faithful blog readers know it, too!) Thursdays on First have been a great way to get Chef Trevor out of the kitchen, but that didn’t stop his creative process. Once a Chef, always a Chef. If you read the Inside Out blog about him, you know he was an Eagle Scout. We believe Chef Trevor has perfected the art of gourmet cooking out in the open air with his chicken paella.

Söntés offers Chef’s empanadas in addition to his paella, every Thursday and at many community events. These Spanish/Latin American meat and veggie stuffed pies are not only tasty and filling, but they’re easy to eat on the go. Gorgeous golden brown flaky crust, chorizo sausage or potato, onion, and queso fresco filling, served hot and fresh—makes one wish every day were Thursday!

Get involved with us at Söntés! Continue to meet us at our red tent every Thursday for Thursdays on First. And join Söntés in giving back to the community at the St. John’s Block Party today and Pridefest in the Peace Plaza on July 21.

Special thanks to everyone who came to Palette to Palate with us last night at the Rochester Art Center!

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Join Us for Thursdays on 1st Every Thursday on the Street!
July 13:
Söntés at the last annual St. John’s Block Party
July 18: Wine Class
with Sommelier Barbara Pitcher 6:30 p.m.
(reserve through Barbara ph. 952.358.1285)
July 21: Söntés at PrideFest at the Peace Plaza

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