Our Tuesday night Chef’s Tastings “5 for 40” are a great hit!

When we changed our menu a few months ago to a more quarterly design to capture fresh seasonal flavors, we added a special Chef’s Tasting Menu one night each week to allow Chef Trevor to flex his creative muscle. The seasonal menu upgrade allows us to offer your favorite dishes, all season long, without changing the menu on a weekly basis the way we did in the past. You asked us for your favorites, and we obliged. And some of you—you know who you are–asked us for adventure, and thus the Chef’s Tasting Menus were born.

On Tuesdays, Chef Trevor designs five gorgeous (and delicious!) plates centered around a different weekly theme for just $40. Recent menus have included Hawaiian, Moroccan, and Parisian delicacies. Unlike Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve where we only offer a special multi-course menu, on Tuesdays, guests can choose the five-course Chef’s Tasting Menu and anything you want from our regular dinner menu. Tuesdays just mean more!

Keeping with “more,” we offer a 25% discount on all wine bottles with the purchase of the Chef’s Tasting Menu. (Yes, all 100+ wine bottles!) And we’re finding that many guests on Tuesdays dine with friends so that they can share the Chef’s Tasting Menu in addition to ordering a few of their favorite items from our nightly dinner menu. Comfort and adventure!

Once in a while, the Tuesday courses get added to our regular dinner menu. But usually, Chef Trevor dreams up dishes that are so creatively labor-intensive, exotic, and fresh that they’re only available for one night. For that reason, we offer all five courses on the Chef’s Tasting Menu for one flat price ($40), without substitutions. Of course, on our nightly dinner menu, we have the flexibility to accommodate some simple changes for guest dietary/allergy purposes. But the Chef’s Tasting Menus are an additional menu option for just one night when they’re uncommon ingredients are at their freshest, and then they’re gone.

Restaurants who stock vast quantities of foods in their freezers are able to handle substitutions on their specialty menus without much problem. But at Sontes, we’re a farm to table restaurant, meaning that our food is local and fresh (translation: we don’t have a freezer full of last month’s meat, fish, and cheese that we’ll sell to you). We only keep on-hand the choices we can offer when they’re at their best quality. Thankfully, many restaurants worldwide are changing to this fresh food style of cooking to keep up with the global healthy dining movement. At Sontes, it’s been our only way of life.

So bring some friends and your adventuresome spirit to Sontes on Tuesdays for a little bit of whimsy and a lot of delicious fun! Chef’s Tasting Menu for tomorrow is centered around Colombia!

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