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Pastel and  charcoal artist John Terwilliger was chosen for the Söntés Spring/Summer Gallery Exhibition (S/SGE) for his pastels that focus on tree branch patterns and subtle color.
Terwilliger Treetop after Rain
“Looking at the common for the uncommon keeps me going every day,” Terwilliger says. “Nature inspires, and man’s collaboration with and on nature can intrigue.”

Terwilliger has exhibited his work for decades, taking time off in between. Over the years, he has shown his work in seven solo shows, among them, “Treetops” at Salon Lili in Minnetonka and at the American Red Cross in Saint Cloud, “Living Within Shadows, 20 Years of Vision” at the Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, and “Drawings from the Treetop Series” at the Good Food Store in Rochester. In addition, Terwilliger has participated in more than 70 group exhibitions, studio events, and art festivals, including “6×6” at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in Rochester, NY, “Red Hot Art” in Minneapolis, and was the 2010 Featured Artist at “The Goddess of the Glass” at the Minnesota State Fair.Terwilliger Up in the Conflagration

Terwilliger has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting from the Minnesota Institute of Technology, and spent several years pursuing the thought process behind cubism. He currently lives and works in Minneapolis.

The Söntés Spring/Summer Gallery Exhibition (S/SGE) began in April with more than 80 pieces of art created by local artists. As pieces have sold, the artists have continued to replace them with new artwork, so the restaurant has never looked the same twice. The S/SGE art will be displayed at Söntés for just a short time longer, and then this collection will be gone. Wander. Absorb. Our house is your house.

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