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It’s been 7 dazzling (and delicious) years, and boy, does the time fly! You know Söntés is not the type to toast to this milestone behind closed doors. Anybody could do that! Instead, we’re throwing a party and you’re all hereby invited! On Friday, November 29, Söntés is pulling out all the stops for our 7th Anniversary Celebration, and we’re doing it with Spanish flair.  waiter job description

For this epic celebration, we’re bringing San Sebastián to you! This gorgeous city lies on the Spanish coast along the Bay of Biscay 12 miles from the French border, boasts a 60-year tradition of its San Sebastián International Film Festival, and is home to two of the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants of 2013. Each year, San Sebastián welcomes travelers from all over the world. (Think about it: So does Rochester!) Travelers and residents alike pour into the Old Quarter of San Sebastián to drink, dine, and dance in the bars. Spanish wines flow, and tapas plates line the bar, ready for the taking.

On Friday, November 29, (yes, Black Friday) our own Söntés bar will be converted into a traditional San Sebastián-style tapas bar. Chef Trevor is preparing a variety of gourmet tapas plates ranging from $2 to $6 that will line the bar for your enjoyment.

One legend has it that tapas were invented when a waiter was assigned to bring wine to Spain’s King Alfonso XIII on the beach. The waiter used a slice of cured ham to cover the king’s wine glass so that sand wouldn’t collect in it, and the king began to order more wine with the tapa (translation: “lid”). At Söntés, we figure anything good enough for a king can be included in our Anniversary Party. Chef Trevor will keep his gourmet tapas coming all night long.

waitress job descriptionAnd since you may want something to sip on while you enjoy your tapas, we’ll keep the Spanish wine and Cava flowing at special anniversary prices. If you decide you’d like to sit down and enjoy dinner, please do so! Our dinner menu will be available throughout the night.

So, shop if you must on Black Friday, but treat yourself like royalty by finishing your day at Söntés. Our San Sebastián Anniversary Party will go on from 5 p.m. to closing time. Stop in and celebrate with us our amazing 7 years in Rochester!

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Mark Your Calendar for these Upcoming Events!
November 28: Thanksgiving! Söntés is Closed
November 29: Söntés 7th Anniversary Tapas Party
December 31: New Year’s Eve with a Spanish Theme
(call for your NYE reservations)
See the Söntés Happenings page for more information
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