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Holiday traditions abound! To our delight, many of them revolve around food (though not all, as you’ll see!). Polling our staff for their favorite “work” and “home” traditions, we found some delicious and delightful ideas, and some doozies! poinsettia

Chef Trevor: We make French onion soup on Christmas Eve, and honey lavender ham on Christmas Day.

Sous Chef Alex: Great Aunt Eunice’s ham balls. They’re so good, you’ll cry. And each person in the family only gets two. Two!

Lunch Chef Adam: I don’t have many traditions now, but I’m looking forward to getting married in 2014 and starting some new traditions.

Bar Manager Darrell: Christmas cookies and treats that my Grandma makes.

Lunch Manager Bekah: We used to iron shiny patches of Santa or Christmas trees onto sweaters, then puffy paint them (oh, yes!), and wear them on Christmas Day because my Grandma just loved it.

Nate: Prime rib!

Annie: We load a sled with hay and corn and leave it in the woods so the animals have a feast.

Jody: Sauerkraut soup with mashed potatoes and peas for Christmas Eve dinner, Slovak tradition.

Winston: Growing up, my mom, brother, sister, and I would all wear matching pajamas on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Paul: We drive around looking at all the lights on Christmas Eve.

FireplaceAs for “work” traditions, the house favorite is when Tessa plays Santa. Little known to the outside world, as the holidays start winding down, Tessa pulls out a satchel full of gifts. Each staff member gets a gift, hand chosen and even wrapped by Tessa herself. With the fireplaces blazing and the stockings still hanging, the staff gathers on the lounge couches and unwraps the gifts together.

It’s these amazing moments of sharing that make us a family. From home or away, enjoy your holiday season to the fullest this year, and join us at Söntés for lunch or dinner as you’re all family to us!

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