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Over the years, we have received a moderate amount of feedback regarding our tablecloths. Yes, world, the Sontes tables do wear white tablecloths – all day, every day. Why would we do such a thing? Is it because we are so fancy? Contrary to popular belief, the answer is a resounding “no!” 

Our tables are clothed for more than simply the sake of appearance. Yes, we do find them pleasing to the eye. And yes, they do have certain elegance about them. The real reason is that it significantly more sanitary than the alternative. Consider this: most restaurants use a cloth soaked in a sanitary solution to wash the tables clean between guests. How many tables has that cloth cleaned? What percentage of bacteria does the solution actually kill? How effectively are the servers or bus people using the cloths? Did they miss a spot? Is that the spot on the table that my 1 year old is sure to lick halfway through his mac & cheese? Is it the spot where I will drop a dollop of house sauerkraut from my Reuben sandwich at lunch? 

I’ll tell you what: when I drop a dollop of ‘kraut on a freshly squeegeed wooden tabletop, I will cry tears of mourning and curse myself for being foolhardy and wasteful. When I drop it on the white linen tablecloth, I will sneak glances right and left, then scoop it off the tablecloth and directly into my mouth with nary a second thought. Why? Because that tablecloth is mine. It’s just a giant napkin, guys and gals. You needn’t fear it. 

…..And seriously, folks, we are just a friendly neighborhood joint with creative food and outstanding service. Stop trying to impress us. We wear jeans on our time off, too.