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When Söntés began gathering art from talented local artists for display and sale at the restaurant, we had no idea that five seasons later the Söntés Gallery Exhibition would be this popular or this successful!

The current Söntés Fall/Winter Gallery Exhibition includes the work of eleven talented artists from our region, and will run through the end of the year. As all of the artwork is for sale, it tends to move around as it is sold and the artists bring in new pieces.

In their own words, artists Michele Combs, Kapril, and Lori Miller discuss their work and what inspires them:

Michele Combs
Combs 304382x150

Emerging into an artist was been a learning, growing, and maturing process… Painting has become a way of cataloging my life. Each painting is a small representation of what I’m drawn to, where I’ve been, and what I’ve experienced.

I’m an impressionist, landscape oil painter. I love filling my canvas with color and thick paint. Though I am drawn to a variety of subjects, my favorite subject is landscape.


Kapril DSC7562_2

Not long ago, my passion and craving for artistic expression rekindled. My joy is communicating what I see through the lens and by blending color and motion in a seamless experience that coalesces in a single image.

My fulfillment is realized in sharing these deeply personal images with other. They are the product of a long and challenging journey that I now have the privilege and opportunity of sharing. 

Lori Miller
Miller Autumn  24 x 36

Lori Miller’s art emerges from her insatiable curiosity about life and nearly palpable passion for meaningful connection and emotional intimacy with people, animals, and, at times, even the inanimate.

Her artist expressions reveal that intense curiosity and enthusiasm, but the discerning observer will see patterns that expose her deeply spiritual, sensuously contagious, and rebellious personality, punctuated by a mysterious balance of dependence and independence.

…From all things joyous, color and vibrancy can be found.

Get inspired every time you dine at Söntés through art and ambiance and amazing local fare. As always, feel free to move about the restaurant and take in all of the exceptional artwork. You may just find the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person!  

~ Söntés Guest Blogger Jody Brown is a writer, author, poet, and traveler.