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The Söntés Fall/Winter Gallery Exhibition showcases the work of eleven regional and hand-chosen artists, and displays a mix of colors, styles, and mediums. All of the artwork is for sale, and all will be gone with the New Year.

We shine the spotlight on husband-and-wife artists Francie and Fred Ginocchio. Francie works with fabrics to create quilt art, and Fred works with pastels and oil pastels. Together, they share their thoughts on what it means to have a fellow artist—one who understands their work and personal creative process–living right under the same roof:

As artists, sometimes it’s hard to work in a vacuum, so occasionally we critique each other’s work.  This is especially helpful when we’re in transition periods and are “stuck.”  While our mediums and styles are different, we understand our individual process –– but we don’t always follow the other’s advice!
                                            –Fred and Francie Ginocchio

About their individual work and what inspires them, here’s what they have to say:

Francie Ginocchio

Francie Ginocchio

Currently I am learning an exciting heat-fused collage process. This involves altering many papers, coating them with acrylic medium, layering, heat fusing, painting, stamping and adding more paper layers.

I also experiment with dyeing fabric, deconstructed (breakdown) screen-printing, beading and surface design. My non-quilted work requires the viewer to look closely to discover the materials, patterns and subtle textures.

Fred Ginocchio

Fred Ginocchio 

I have worked primarily with both soft pastels and oil pastels. I enjoy the richness of color, the energy, and the immediacy of the pastel medium. My subject matter varies from portraits, to older buildings, to landscapes. 

Landscapes offer endless challenges to an artist. Every minute and hour of each day is unique. I am especially interested in the colors, shapes and patterns of the landscapes, and I try to capture their images and mood. Lately, I am experimenting with different and unique color combinations for landscapes.

I also am attracted to urban and small town street scenes with appealing colors and compositions. While I like images of realistic buildings with character and appeal, I continue to experiment with quick, looser, and more impressionistic compositions. In the summer of 2013, I completed a series of “Lanesboro Up Close” studies for the Artist Spotlight display.

The Söntés Fall/Winter Gallery Exhibition is up for a few more days only. With the close of the year comes the closing of Söntés to make way for our next endeavor, Grand Rounds Brew Pub.

Stop in for one last time at Söntés, one last look at the amazing local art which is all for sale, and if you’d like New Year’s Eve reservations for our very last night of Söntés, please call us at 507.292.1628.

~ Söntés Guest Blogger Jody Brown is a writer, author, poet, and traveler.